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Municipality Video Surveillance

rCities and counties across the U.S. have been faced with the challenge of meeting the public’s needs in spite of sweeping and debilitating budget cuts. The impact has been most critical in the areas of law enforcement and maintaining overall safety. However, where local governments have had to cut back on employed officers, video surveillance has proven to be a highly cost-effective way to cover gaps in protection.

With over a thousand hours in research and development, Odin systems has created a robust video-based telecommunication network infrastructure that produces optimal signal strength for more than 100 cameras at a time. Even at this scale, Odin technology retains the high-level image quality needed for forensic evidence.

Odin has successfully customized and installed surveillance for a variety of government departments including law enforcement divisions across the state. With almost a decade of experience, our team has engineered solutions for even the most challenging municipal scenarios including public spaces and those requiring multiple camera sites. Odin allows law enforcement to serve, protect and prosecute with confidence and efficiency.


-->  High resolution cameras capture exceptional detail even in low lighting situations and are often allowed as evidence in court, for increased justice, prosecution and loss recovery.
-->  Our customized solutions enable departments to integrate nearby monitoring systems to maximize surveillance coverage.
-->  Dedicated, high-speed Internet connections allow fast data processing and downloading so recorded information is rapidly accessible and minimal interference from other frequencies for real time monitoring, even across long ranges.
-->  Wireless connection and remote TCIP control over multiple indoor and outdoor camera sites allows for easy control and effective real time monitoring.
-->  Camera shells are made of vandal resistant steel, cast aluminum and polycarbonate.
-->  Our expertise, customized engineering and best-in-class architecture make downstream scaling and additions feasible and more cost-effective.

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If you are considering investing in a video security option but are unsure of how to go about contracting the right company and technology for your needs, we can assist you. In addition to engineering and installing VS solutions, Odin also offers consulting and project management to guide you all the way through the process, from equipment and company selection to implementation and post-installation. With proper oversight, you can rest easy knowing that the process is running smoothly and according to plan. Contact us for more information.