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Commercial Video Solutions

tFact: According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an estimated “75% of employees steal from work in some way and 30% of corporate bankruptcies are a direct result of employee theft.”

The Chamber of Commerce statistic, while sobering, is a call to action for the business community. Security is one of the most important issues an owner or manager will have to address and investing in a real time video security solution is investing in the protection of assets, employee safety and your bottom line.

Odin Systems Inc. specializes in engineering and installing efficient, customized surveillance solutions for a broad array of security needs from the mom and pop store to the corporate, multi-site environment.

Our tailored engineered systems are designed to mitigate external and internal threats including shoplifting, employee theft and productivity loss, loitering, vandalism and robbery. Our technology provides exemplary post-incident digital forensic information, which means improved recovery loss time and results.

Odin uses top of the line equipment, which produces some of the highest resolution images available in the industry. Images of this quality (versus lower quality images) are more likely to be accepted and included as forensic evidence in a court of law, helping to positively identify the defendant. Compared to lesser video surveillance options that only produce a blurred or pixelated black and white image, our cameras are clear and crisp and capable of capturing minute identifying marks on suspects including tattoos, scars, moles and birth marks.

Features / Benefits

-->  Wireless connection and remote TCIP control over multiple indoor and outdoor camera sites gives you the ability to effectively monitor threats in real time.
-->  Dedicated high speed broadband connection for your system means virtually real time response capabilities, minimal or no interference from other frequencies and high quality picture delivery.
-->  Cutting-edge, high resolution cameras allow for exceptional detail even in low lighting situations making facial recognition, loss recovery and criminal prosecution likely and swift.
-->  Unique experience and highly customized solutions allow us to provide state-of-the art infrastructure upfront which makes downstream additions more cost effective.
-->  Steel, cast aluminum and polycarbonate video casing is vandal-resistant. Ask our customer service representatives for details.

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Project Management

If you are considering investing in a video security option but are unsure of how to go about contracting the right company and technology for your needs, we can assist you. In addition to engineering and installing VS solutions, Odin also offers consulting and project management to guide you all the way through the process, from equipment and company selection to implementation and post-installation. With proper oversight, you can rest easy knowing that the process is running smoothly and according to plan. Contact us for more information.