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For years, Pittsburg police have used surveillance cameras that display real-time videos on computers to help fight crime. Now, that same footage can also be viewed by officers on the small screen of their smartphones.

Pittsburg is the first police agency in Contra Costa County to use the application, which essentially extends existing surveillance capabilities to both Apple and Android smartphones.

Before police started using the smartphone application at the beginning of the year, footage had to be viewed on computers or in a monitoring room inside the police department. Viewing the footage on a smartphone frees officers from having to be in a fixed location to look at surveillance video recorded by 86 cameras placed in public locations that include intersections, gas stations and parks throughout the city. LEARN MORE



SAN PABLO -- When drive-by shootings occur in North Richmond, the escape route often is through neighboring San Pablo.

Soon, every corridor linking the two areas will be monitored with sophisticated cameras that can home in on license plates and even faces.

The effort is part of the city's ambitious multiyear plan to blanket crime hot spots with high-tech cameras and other surveillance technology. |

"This is a cost-effective way to reduce crime," San Pablo police Chief Walt Schuld said.

The city already has cameras at two schools and several intersections. In January, the council unanimously agreed to spend nearly $900,000 over three years, money that will help the city place more than 75 percent of its 2.6 square miles under surveillance with either cameras, license plate readers or ShotSpotter audio gunshot detection. LEARN MORE


Martinez Police Department Uses Technology to Put an End to Rankin Park Problems

3As part of Odin System’s mission to provide superior customer service, we sat down (via phone) with one of our customers, Captain Eric Ghisletta of the Martinez Police Department to see how our most recent security surveillance project in Rankin Park was fairing.

In every city, there exists one or more problematic locales, and Rankin Park (both a park and community pool) was at the top of the list for Martinez. The $10 million community resource sits atop a hill, secluded from view and has, since its construction, attracted criminal activities such as after-hours loitering and swimming, vandalism, petty theft and drugs.  LEARN MORE


City of Martinez Police Department

“The decision to go with Odin was an easy one for the Martinez Police Department. Odin was by far the most receptive and knowledgeable vendor and worked within our budget to maximize our system.

…the Amtrak camera has provided our officers with a fantastic tool to address the drinking in public issues. Prior to the camera installation, we had a big issue with public intoxication and drinking in the Amtrak lot. With the camera, our officers can view the offense from our dispatcher center and respond in a short timeframe to deal with the responsible. We have seen a noticeable decrease with this issue since the cameras have been installed.

The quality of our system and of the Odin team is outstanding. I am amazed by the knowledge and creative mindset of Dustin and Cyrus. The visions are only limited by our budget!

Odin’s work ethic and reliability are like no other I have seen. They are responsive, detail-oriented, and very accommodating to the needs of our department and system. I would, and will continue to, refer them to friends and colleagues. Odin is a top notch company!”

Capitan Eric Ghisletta, City of Martinez Police Department


Piedmont PD Reports Reduction in Crime, Thanks to Strategy Involving Video Surveillance

When the Piedmont Police Department was facing a surge in property crimes and residential burglaries in 2011, they needed a strategy. They developed a road to mitigation that included strategically deploying Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) video surveillance cameras for the primary purpose of assisting detectives in obtaining suspect information.

“If we could garner information on the back end of investigations that could potentially lead to arrests, it would serve not only to increase our solve rates, but as a deterrent to future crimes, too,” says Piedmont Chief of Police Rikki Goede. READ MORE


Superyacht is Wired for Service, Security and Success

2Slung 20 feet in the air at Marine Group Boat Works in San Diego, The Glaze sits patiently as she gets fitted with one of the most custom and high-end video surveillance systems available in the boating world, engineered just for her.

Hand-built by Trinity Yachts in 2007, The Glaze fits into the luxury superyacht category at 161 feet bow to stern and with a Jacuzzi, sprawling sun deck, al fresco bar and grill, huge swimming pool, two spiraling staircases, panoramic sky lounge and ability to house 12.

Inside, the boat harbors a master suite with two bathrooms (each with cast iron spas) twin walk-in-closets and a private study. Other rooms include a VIP guest stateroom and three additional guest staterooms.   READ MORE


Pittsburg Police Department
“We choose Odin Systems after an extensive search for a knowledgeable and experienced surveillance system vendor. What most impressed us about Odin Systems is their ability to integrate cameras seamlessly into our secure network and provide an easy interface for our users. Thanks to Odin Systems, our officers can access the cameras in the police department, on their car computer, or on their smart phone.

In 2007, a violent sexual assault occurred in our City. Witness descriptions of the suspect vehicle were vague. When officers reviewed video footage from a camera near the crime scene, the suspect’s vehicle was identified. This footage gave us the make, model, and color of the vehicle. We were able to broadcast this description to officers; several days later, an officer saw the vehicle and stopped it, which led to the suspect being identified and arrested. If not for the camera footage, this case would have remained unsolved.

Odin Systems is a great company that understands that cameras are an important tool to assist law enforcement with crime prevention and public safety. Officers cannot be everywhere all the time. Cameras may pick up crimes in progress, help officers identify criminal suspects after the fact, and act as a crime deterrent. Odin Systems has installed over 80 cameras in our City during the past 7 years, and they have doing an outstanding job keeping the system up and running!”

Captain Brian Addington, Pittsburg Police Department