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Cities for Safety

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Test the Power of Video Surveillance, On Us

cities for safetyOne of the most frequently asked questions from potential clients is: does video surveillance really work to reduce crime? Our answer is yes. We are dedicated to making neighborhoods and cities safer places to live and we fully stand behind what we do. Of course, it's always better to see results first hand and integrate surveillance into a larger strategy. This is why we created Cities for Safety.

Cities for Safety is a new program in the Sacramento and Bay Area that allows jurisdictions to “test drive” a state-of-the-art, custom Odin Systems video surveillance solution for one month, in order to see first hand the difference a premium security system can offer.

Cities who participate in the program can expect to see: improved investigative resources and forensic information, increased image clarity and user-friendly features not found in other security systems, and a decrease in emergency response times and crime.

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How it Works

City leaders who decide to participate in our program simply contact us. The month-long trial is free of cost and there are no strings attached. Odin Systems provides a comprehensive analysis and consultation, and, together, we will select the most effective location and customizations for your needs. We will also go over what’s working and not working with your current safety measures and identify any gaps that need closing.

Next, we engineer and install the system according to plan. After the system is installed, Odin ensures that all questions are answered and provides education and system training for the entirety of the test drive.

What Technology Will Be Provided

Odin uses and partners with cutting edge video surveillance and software vendors. For the purpose of CFS, we implement, integrate and customize the following pieces of equipment and software:

3M Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) Camera: best in class, on-board processing, analytics, and OCR. Management software can be linked and constantly updated to DOJ and custom lists for real time notifications.

Milestone Software: Echelon surveillance software delivers high performance, real time and archived video evidence. Features easy incorporation into existing platforms and ease of management.

Sony Technology: Tried and true technology leader. Sony is the pinnacle of evolved surveillance technology.

Mobotix Camera: Robust hardware-based camera unit has exceptional durability and outstanding image performance in all lighting conditions.

Why We Started CFS

Odin Systems, Inc. prides itself on excellent customer service and superior quality in all aspects of our business. We are a team with 20 years of system engineering experience and we use that to customize our partner offerings to your specific needs.

CFS is a conversation starter and a window into a whole new world where state-of-the-art technology, combined with the highest level of service, has the potential to reduce crime, increase justice and make your city safer.

If you are interested, please contact us. We are happy to answer questions and provide you with referrals from satisfied clients.