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About Odin Systems, Inc.

Odin Systems Inc. specializes in video security solutions customized for your individual, business, municipality and law enforcement needs. Our staff has comprehensive expertise in the areas of design engineering, wireless surveillance systems and in customizing scalable security solutions for client needs. For more than 20 years, we have designed, built and installed video surveillance systems ranging from small to organizational. We are dedicated to our clients and deliver what we promise on time and on budget. Read some of our success stories here.

We dedicate a significant part of our operation towards engineering video surveillance solutions for law enforcement agencies in the Bay Area and the rest of California. Odin understands the unique challenges and requirements facing these departments and the jurisdictions they serve. We are able to provide them with systems that allow them to operate efficiently and effectively despite budgetary restrictions.


Odin prides itself on using versatile, best-in-class technology and on demonstrating unwavering commitment to customers during and after project implementation.