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Motorola ALPR

The next generation of fixed license plate recognition technology

Learn how Police Departments across the country are utilizing these security surveillance cameras to keep their city streets and highways safe

Product Benefits

Fights crime in real-time

Detections can trigger a real-time alert to improve situational awareness

Better protect and serve with automatic number plate recognition

Best-in-class optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm and pairs with our application-specific software for an end-to-end solution

Product Details
  • Optimal Capture Distance: 9.1 m (40-60 feet)

  • Capture Range 3.7 - 22.9 m (25-75 feet)

  • Capture Speed Maximum 120 km/h (75 mph)

  • Field of View 7.3 m (24 ft) (multi-lane coverage)

  • Sensor Type 2.1MP Starlight Sensor

  • Image Resolution 1920 x 1080px

  • Pulsed LED Illumination 850 nm

  • Operational Temperature -30 to +55°C


Motorola ALPR in action

In recent years, California Highways, the Bay Area specifically, saw a large wave of shootings. Odin partnered with the Pittsburg Police Department and Contra Costa County Sheriffs, to implement a network of LPR and Situational Strategies, backed by Shot Spotter Technology, to help bring justice to these horrendous incidents. 

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