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IP video security

situational surveillance for all applications 

From the city center to the rural country road, Odin wirelessly engineers a solution regardless of internet connection or physical location 

100% solution
Push, SMS Text & Email Alerts 
Mobile Remote Access 
4G LTE Connection
Product Benefits

Access to a robust video-based, telecommunication network infrastructure that produces optimal signal strength for more than 300 cameras at a time.

Odin’s technologies retain high-level image quality that can even be used as forensic evidence. 

Video Surveillance has proven to be a cost-effective solution with results that are indisputable.

Product Details

Panasonic PTZ – Pan, Tilt, and Zoom cameras offer the most flexibility when it comes to the field of view. Remotely access the camera and move the camera to the point of interest.

Equipped with IR illumination and the ability to be remotely moved 360 degrees, you have 24/7 eyes in the sky on your location.

Odin city link

Odin’s City Links wirelessly transmits all video data back to a centralized location

Reduces latency for live viewing with instantaneous data transmission

Wireless backbones can transmit data for miles

“Our experience with Odin has been wonderful. I would absolutely recommend them and, actually, already have.”
Rikki Goedem - Chief of Police Piedmont Police Department

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