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cities for safety

experience a scalable solution designed to suit your city 

Our Cities For Safety program allows you to test drive detecting, detouring, and reducing crime in your city with our free 30-day trial of our video surveillance system.

How Cities for Safety works

First, we provide a comprehensive analysis and consultation. Then, together, we will select the most effective location and make customizations based on your needs. Next, we engineer and install the system according to plan. After installation, Odin provides education and system training so the results can be maximized by your team.

Cities for safety benefits 

Up to 5 High RES IP based cameras 

Leading video management software 

30 day investigative video retention  

Remote access from anywhere 

From conception to completion,
we stand by you to make your vision reality

Implementation of an efficient Surveillance System

goes way beyond plug-and-play cameras. 

We start with a comprehensive Site Survey. We listen to your objective and begin to Design and Engineer a plan to implement your strategy. 

Identify and troubleshoot logistical challenges including access to power, permission to mounting assets, necessary traffic control, and consider line-of-site for potential expansions. 

Our engineers then recommend the necessary, industry-leading hardware to properly execute your strategy.

Once the technology is agreed upon, we begin the commissioning and configuration process to align the various technologies to operate in conjunction with one another.

During the installation phase, we securely mount all hardware and verify all angles to confirm the appropriate field of view.

Whether it’s a completely new project or an expansion to an existing one, we use our Odin City Link to relay all data to a centralized command center.

Houses_21-22-03 [Converted].png

Our experience with Odin has been wonderful. I would absolutely recommend them and, actually, already have.

Rikki Goedem Chief of Police,
Piedmont Police Department

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Cities for Safety

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