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Commercial Buildings


Protect your commercial property 24/7

Private businesses, investment properties, and leased spaces are all vulnerable when no one is present. Let us alleviate the stress when you can't be on site.


Why rely solely on insurance when you can install a state-of-the-art surveillance system to protect your property? We offer world-class technology and integrated systems for landlords, owners, and the like. Sleep easy knowing your space is safe. 

Our trailers can be deployed to any location with solar advantages for daily, weekly or monthly rentals

Consultation and engineering guidance to aid your project to a timely and flawless completion

Rapid redeployment of Mobile Surveillance Solutions

suggested surveillance technology for Commercial sites
Security Cameras_edited_edited_edited.jpg
IP Video Surveillance
Solar Trailers
Motorola ALPR

Request a quote for your
commercial project or property

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