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Dirt Construction Site


Protect your
construction site 24/7

Losses from theft on construction sites are on the rise and often eclipse
$1 billion annually... let us help you from becoming a statistic.


Construction Sites typically are temporary sites, and change design based upon the project. This increases the chance of being affected by criminal activity and eliminates the ability to properly apply a one-size fits all strategy. Our engineers leverage over 20 years of experience, to properly implement the best surveillance strategies, that exceed expectations beyond criminal deterrence.

Do More than just deter and record
  • Prevent injury liabilities

  • Meet insurance site-surveillance requirements

  • Redeploy Mobile Surveillance Solutions rapidly

  • Maintain a safe and efficient work environment

  • Capture Time Lapse recordings as a marketing tool

  • Cover overflow parking

  • Avoid excessive dwell times

  • Stop trespassing

Suggested surveillance technology for construction sites
Solar Trailers
Solar Skids
Odin Security Pods

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